how do I…?

Imovieokay, all you mac-er’s out there, I need your help. Dusty, you probably know… So, I finally got a FireWire today and connected my MiniDV camcorder. I started importing my footage into iMovie and then I get this message that there is not enough space on my hard drive. So what do you do?

I have an iBook G4 with an 80GB hard drive. I had over 20GB’s of music in my iTunes, which I deleted to make room for the movie. I do have a 250GB external LaCie Porsche HD, but all I use it for right now is to back things up. So how can you have an 80GB iPod and a 80GB laptop? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Or is there a way to edit the video without importing it all on the computer? Someone help. Here are my specs:

iBook G4: 80GB
iTunes: over 20GB
iPhoto: over 25GB, almost 10,000 photos
imovie: 7GB, only 1 movie.

Please Help Me!!



  1. Do it in chunks. Import 15 minutes at a time edit it down and then move on. If you do it this way you will be able to do a full length film. Make sure you dump the garbage can in imovie or it will stack up. Hope that helps!

  2. dude use an external as your video archive. always have it connected when your editing and importing video. once your project is done. trash it. but keep your tape. DO NOT RECORD OVER IT!
    and get final cut pro…

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