Weekend trip

Moon20over20san20francisco Today, I’m leaving work, dropping the girls off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and then picking up Jacinda’s sister and her boyfriend. We are heading to the city, San Francisco. It’s about a 3 hour drive from our house and we are celebrating Jacinda’s sister, Marissa’s 21st birthday. We’ll stay overnight, giving her a tour of the city since she isn’t too familiar with it.

It’s hard when you’re young and single or just married because you want to give people gifts, but c’mon, you can’t afford to give 20 people $100 gifts. You cut corners, you try to budget, you get "creative", but it just doesn’t ever seem like you can give as much as you want. Now that we are getting older and more "secure" I look back and wonder what (isn’t that a blog name) we’ve missed out on. I don’t even remember what we did for my brother’s 21st, but I know I was only 24 and about to have a baby, so I know I was poor! Jacinda and I have really been talking about family a lot lately and how important it all is. I guess that it is kind of a "new year’s resolution" to spend more time with our parents, brother and sister. We really love our family and hope that we can create more memories like I hope this trip to San Fran will.

FYI: I haven’t blogged in a couple days on purpose because I was really needing some help on the whole iMovie thing. But, I just realized that if you read by RSS, then you read it once and it’s gone. But I was hoping that those of you who check my site would chime in. I’ll just stop by the mac store in Frisco and ask them.


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