How does your job fare?

20044newtx I just saw this survey in a trade journal that I was reading. Financial Advisor came in as third best job in America based on, growth, pay, stress levels, and some other factors. I’ve seen these things before and they are always different, but I still think they are interesting. Here’s the top 10.

1. Software Engineer

2. College Professor

3. Financial Advisor

4. Human Resource Manager

5. Physician’s Assistant

6. Market Research Analyst

7. Computer IT Analyst

8. Real Estate Appraiser

9. Pharmacist

10. Psychologist

The rest of the list goes like this:

advertising manager, physical therapist, technical writer, chiropractor, medical scientist, physical scientist, engineer, curriculum developer, editor, public relations specialist, sales manager, optometrist, property manager, actuary, and #25…writer.

Did your job fall on the list?



  1. Congrats on being number 3, man.
    I saw “editor” on there, but that’s prob magazine editor or something. No love for the computer-creatives. I.T. c’mon man – those guys are smart, real real super smart, but they’re not exactly artists.
    Video editor… let’s see…
    Growth = in Fresno? no
    Pay = hahaha
    Stress Level = OMG deadlines!
    “I LUV my job! I luv it! I get to sleep by myself in a room every night. I LUV it! It’s fantastic!!”

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