There’s no Time!!!

24show_011407 Jacinda and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the 24 season premiere yet. We got all 4 hours on the Tivo, but it’s going to take a serious time commitment. My parents and brother came over for dinner last night. It was great. My dad, my brother and I all played the Wii. It’s so funny to just sit back and watch people play that thing. Oh, my comcast install update. IT SUCKS!

Comcastlogo I thought that since the thing would be wired right from the ground into the TV that it would be better than my dish. The picture is terrible, the system response time is slow, the DVR holds 40 less hours, and a lot of the menu functions are stupid. The only redeeming factor is the whole "On Demand" thing that is pretty cool if you don’t have anything else to do. The internet was a little faster, but not as much as I thought it would be. So, in a couple minutes here, I’m calling and cancelling. Talk about buyer’s remorse. It only took me 2 days to realize how bad it was. My only other options here in Fresno are DirecTV or Dish Network. I’m still under contract with Dish, so I’ll stick with it for awhile. Plus, my mom and dad were just finally starting to figure it out!



  1. We have Dish and our own tivo. We like it that way (we also got in on the lifetime membership so no monthly bill on Tivo). You can pair SBC fiber/broadband with the Dish. We went from Comcast to this and we like it. It was also cheaper than Comcast broadband.

  2. What’s up Brian (and Fam)? Glad to hear Melania is getting better. It can be really scary when your little one’s get sick. We’ll do our best to pray for you guys.
    One quick question:
    Do you remember how you baby-proofed the cabinets in the kitchen of your old house? I can’t figure it out, and I’m pretty sure you had them done, right?
    FYI: I LOVED Nacho Libre!

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