Timberlake brought it!

Stock My mom emailed me this morning saying, "where’s the concert review on your blog?" Geesh mom, sorry. We didn’t get in until after midnight and I overslept this morning, so it took me a couple extra hours to get all this going. Here you go.

First of all, Pink was surprisingly good. We have 2 of her CD’s but they aren’t always in the player. She was really funny especially with her "stupid girls" song where she makes fun of all the hollywood "it" girls and their weird antics. She also performed some aerial acrobatics a la cirque du soleil style. Great opener. Jacinda said that she was inspired to go to the gym after seeing Pink’s body. I said, "um, okay!"

The stage transforms, the curtains fall, the videos play, and JT arises from the floor. Classic. Amazing. Clean. It was a great concert. He was calm, cool, and man could he move. At one point Jacinda turned to me and said, "you need to learn to dance like that". Yeah, I dunno about that, but it was fun to watch him and the other dancers. Super smooth, to popping, to quick stepping brake dancing, the energy level was through the roof. Honestly, Jacinda and I were just rockin’ out all night! I liked that he played several of his older songs and the band brought the groove strong. The only weird thing was that the stage was a circle with 4 fingers out in each direction like a map legend. So, half the time we could barely see JT because he was dancing on the other side of the stage. We had great seats: 2nd row of the low risers, just off the center, but it was still hard to see him at times. If you were on the floor, you probably missed half the show. Overall, I’ll give it a 8.5 out of 10, but I’ve seen Coldplay live, so I don’t know who can compare to that perfect 10. Here are some pictures of the night. I didn’t take my big camera, so they aren’t great.



  1. Hi,
    Glad you had a great time at Justin Timberlak, and glad you liked P!nk!
    I’m a big P!nk fan from Holland and i was wondering if you could send me the pic from P!nk with the two dancers?
    Thank you!

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