Last night was great. I was seriously craving some family time and like my G Los, I felt like I hadn’t spent enough quality time with them lately. Tuesday night I had a dinner meeting with some clients so I didn’t get to see my girls (while awake anyway). Last night, I got home at 5 and Kiara came screaming down the hallway yelling, "DAAAAAADDY!" If you don’t have kids, it’s worth it just to hear them say that, go get you some.

I then watched Kiara dance to her "Bella Dancerella" DVD while changing into different princess dresses for every production. We all piled in the car and went out to Me-N-Ed’s Pizza, our favorite place. Now, Kiara got a dollar bill for Christmas or something and she’s been dying to spend it. We’re trying to teach her to put her money in her piggy bank, but she’s been keeping the dollar in her new princess wallet. She tells me, "daddy, I can buy ice cream for us". so after pizza and playing the game where the metal claw comes down and grabs some candy, we drive across the parking lot to McDonald’s. Kiara was so excited to give her dollar to the guy boy for her "pink" milkshake. She could care less if it is peppermint, strawberry, apple; as long as it is pink, she likes it. Then we all came home, put the girls down, I played some Wii, while Jacinda worked on picking out a song for this solo she’s doing on Saturday.

But then came morning. Waking up earlier right…yes! we did it. Apparently Melania woke up at 3:15 (i never hear her) and Jacinda couldn’t go back to sleep, so what does she do…mop!0505_home_best_mops_01 She was super-motivated, left at 4:30 for the gym (yes we’re talking AM here people) and I woke up just after 5 to start getting ready. It was actually really nice. Got ready for work, made some eggs, read a chapter in Genesis (I’m a couple days behind in my "read the Bible in a year" already) and still had time to stop by my favorite bread store on my way into work. So, goal for tonight: hang out with the fam, watch the Office and Scrubs with Jacinda and go to bed by 9:45!


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  1. this morning was great! the motivation was intense and I got so much done! How bout you?! I don’t know about you, but it’s 4:15pm and the adrenaline rush is long gone. I am pooped and done for the day…. atleast it started out awesome. I wouldn’t mind doing it again tomorrow…maybe a couple of hours later though. Last night was fun. I second the notion of a veg night. I love you!!!!!!!

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