Getting stuff done!

Adt_2  Today, we will also be getting our alarm system installed and activated from ADT. We had one pre-wired when we got our house, but never hooked up the service. So, I called ADT and signed us up. Interesting facts: they protect most of the financial institutions in the country, the Departmet of the Treasury and Fort Knox. Cool. We live in a nice neighborhood, but I feel that you can never be too careful when it comes to your loved ones! Just last night this young guy came up to my door with a shirt and tie on, I assume he was one of those, "trying to stay out of trouble by selling magazine subscriptions" guys, but even then, I was juggling the girls while Jacinda made dinner. I looked at him through the glass, and said, "No thank you". He gets all ticked off, and yells, "no thank you for what! you didn’t even listen to what I have to say." actually, now that I think about it, I don’t think his grammar was that good. He’s lucky I was holding my baby girl. I put her down and then went outside, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. So, I called the Police. I’ve heard about these guys (disclaimer:not all) how they go door to door with the whole schpeel, but they are really casing your house. I’m also saving for my own personal security system:Sw209000

Dishnetworklogo Also, Dish Network will be coming out today to reconnect their system so that I can finally watch some TV that doesn’t look like it’s always snowing. I can’t wait to get all this junk figured out.


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