Because I Said So

Becauseposter Jacinda and I went on a weekly date night this week, but after a couple of weeks with no theater visits, we decided to go see a movie. We were both feeling like nothing good was out, but "Because I Said So" looked pretty good, so we took a chance.

We didn’t have much time because the movie times were a little irregular, so we just hit up a little Pizza Slice place and got some calzones. We ate outside and it was really nice to just chill with my girl and relax. We were both craving a little sweet, so we walked over to Marble Slab and shared an ice cream invention of coffee ice cream, heath bar, hot fudge and caramel. Walked over to the theater, and actually enjoyed the movie.

One review I read gave it 1 star and another 1.5 stars. I thought that was a little harsh, but I guess if I went into the movie to pick it apart, I would score it low also. I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5. Jacinda and I discussed starting a movie review blog for actual people where we will rate movies on: did i laugh, did i cry, was i scared, was i entertained. I’m easily entertained and I love movies, but not in the film critic kind of way. I guess I’m always looking for the silver lining in movies rather than trying to pick it apart to show how much I know. So, if you’re bored, want to go to a movie, it’s a decent story. But, you know Mandy Moore is going to have to sing.


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  1. That would be a cool idea. There are enough movie reviews out there and fractional ratings where one could find out how ‘good’ a movie was produced.
    A normal voiced opinion would be nice! I go to movies to be entertained. I can sit at home and read a good book or watch a documentary on TV. If I’m going to pay $7 bucks for a movie, I’d like to bust a gut laughing, feel all warm and fuzzy inside, get the crap scared out of me, or just hold hands and share popcorn with my babe while someone else watches the kiddo!

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