Did you get yours yet?

Varsity_122206_01 This is my buddy of a buddy, Eric and his family. Eric and Los go back to the ATL days and have been best friends forever. E still lives back east, but has recently quit his day job to pursue his dream with a company he started a long time ago called ZeloSport.

I met Eric and Angela at Carlos and Heather’s wedding almost 7 years ago. We always got the update on the Edwards family from the Whittaker’s, but now they both have blogs, so it’s much easier. I feel like we are all friends now even though we’ve never even gone out to dinner with them. But we have kids around the same age and Eric and I seem to both be a little OCD, a trait our buddy Los does not possess.

Ph_store So, Eric has taken the childhood game that we all played with a triangle-shaped football and made it real. You need to check it out. I just ordered mine and hopefully I’ll be able to take it out of town with us this weekend. They also have Finger Golf. It’s Legit, go buy one. Good luck Eric!



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