Valentine’s Day

Flemings_logo Tonight, I will be taking my bride to Fleming’s, which is a really nice steakhouse here in Fresno. We love good food and I’ve been here once, but it was for work. I can’t wait to give her the gift I got for her and to spend a quiet evening out with my true love. So, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?



  1. me and my girlfriend agreed we werent gonna do valentines day this year, but il probably end up doin sumthin, would love to go to Fleming’s, my girlfriend’s surname is Fleming, so it’d be cool, but Fresno is a wee bit far away from Belfast, so i think thats out, lol

  2. I married a unique and wonderful woman that doesn’t expect or want anything big on Valentine’s Day! She’s getting flowers and taken out to lunch by me but other than that she enjoys the 364 other days of surprises that I bring her! Hahaha.
    We just got a Fleming’s here in Baton Rouge though. We like it alot! Have fun.

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