80’s Valentine’s Day Party

Dsc_0166Tonight, Jacinda and I put on our best outfits and went to an 80’s Valentine’s Day Party at church. This is a picture of Jacinda and I with our friends Blake and Lisa James. I decided to go 80’s punk rock which actually included the chain wallet that i used to wear around in high school. Probably 80% of the people went full-on 80’s, so it was fun. They served us dinner, we watched an awesome 80’s video montage, they provided babysitting with dinner and lot’s of 80’s memorabilia was scattered around. We took home a roll of Bubble Tape, a ring pop, and a ton of jelly bracelets for Kiara. I put a whole photo album together over on the left. Check us out. Oh, and yes, I am wearing eyeliner. My eyes tweaked so bad when Jacinda put it on. I don’t know how Dave Navarro does it. the pic below is with Sommer and Craig, one of the couples in our "Family Matters" class at church.


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