My Valentines (plus other holidays) gift for Jacinda

I updated the "video of the week" with a little snippet from a hotel we’ll be visiting later this year. For Valentine’s Day, I made a blog for Jacinda that explained her gift complete with itinerary, links to various travel sites, and videos for one of the hotels we’d be staying at. Here’s the post I did on her blog:

Tell her what she’s won…

A Vacation!!!!!

I love you and one of the best times of my life was our honeymoon. I’m telling you about this now, on Valentine’s Day, but it is really in celebration of knowing each other for 10 years and an early 6 year anniversary present. Relaxation is what we need and the only way I think we can achieve this is by leaving the kids at home and heading for an island. I know how hard you work to make our family complete and I understand that you need vacations too. That’s why, later this year in July, we will fly to paradise where just the two of us can revisit the hawaiian isles. But, this time will be a little different.

1-we will be staying 3 days and 2 nights in Honolulu, Oahu

2-we will be staying 6 days and 5 nights in Kaanapalli, Maui


3-it’s already paid for!

That’s right. This process started back in 2005 a couple months after we moved to this house. I got an offer in the mail from Starwood Hotels (the same company that I booked all the "W" rooms in San Francisco from). They were offering a package deal for the Westin Resort in Maui. I put $300 down to reserve our spot and was shooting to be able to surprise you for our 5 year anniversary. Well, needless to say, I saved up some money, but not enough in time for our 5 year. I was pretty bummed, but we had a great time in Santa Monica.Picture_1_4 I kept socking away a little each month, but it was hard with the girls, Christmas, and our new baby’s expenses. Then the impossible happened and I came into some money. So, the trip is paid for, airfare, hotel, car rental and I even have cash set aside for our food and fun while we are there!

So on (date) we’ll drop the kids off with the grandparents and drive down to LA. We’ll stay the night at one of our friends’ houses (upon their approval, which I haven’t asked about yet) and drive to LAX on Saturday morning.

Picture_2_1 We will then fly from LA to Honolulu, Oahu where we will stay 3 days and 2 nights at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki in Waikiki Beach.

Picture_5 We will be able to travel up to the famous North Shore, eat some Shave Ice at Matsumoto , and enjoy the city life and shopping of Honolulu before heading back to relax in our Marina view hotel room. Although it’s a museum, we will probably also visit the USS Arizona Memorial where you can see the ship that was sunk in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Picture_6_1 On Monday nignt, we’ll turn in our rental car, and hop on a plane to Maui.

Picture_7 We will then pickup our convertible mustang and drive to the west shore where we will check into the Westin Maui Resort in Kaanapalli Beach for 6 days, 5 nights.

Amen020060226111759013 We will have a week to relax by the pool or the beach which will literally be steps from our hotel. That Saturday, we will fly back to LA, crash again at our friend’s and drive home on Sunday to kiss our girls.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy 10 years of knowing each other and happy 6 year wedding anniversary. I know that you would never be disappointed because we couldn’t go somewhere, but I hope you will feel loved by me taking you someplace special. I hope you know how much I love and adore you.



  1. I don’t mean to brag, but I do have the most thoughtful, romantic husband there is. I was absolutely stunned that he had this all planned for us. I could never have kept it a secret for that long! I can”t wait for our trip. I am in love with you Brian and my favorite thing to do is hang out with you. Just you, me, and the beach for a week. I am counting down!
    your wife

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