to keep or not to keep…

Rene16 Jacinda and I were re-arranging furniture last night and the issue came up with all of my books. I admit they aren’t pretty to look at, but like CD’s or DVD’s, I just like having them. I fixed the CD problem by putting them into 4 large (200+ capacity) folders. You see, I use to be the senior guy in the music department at our local Bible house, which was bought out by Berean. I got a lot, I mean a lot, of free CD’s, but the addiction hasn’t stopped since I left the company over 8 years ago. I absolutely love music. Same thing happened with DVD’s. All my cases were emptied and I filed them all into 3 big DVD binders. So now, a whole bookcase full of CD’s and DVD’s now fit in our armoire underneath the TV.

So, we come to the books. What do you guys do with them? Do you buy all of your books? Do you just check them out at the Library? What do you do when you’re done with them? I know Heather reads tons of books, but I don’t remember seeing a bookcase in your house. What do you do? I agree with Jacinda in that I have too many just sitting out (2 bookcases full, with more in the garage), and especially all the softcovers don’t really "look pretty" sitting in there. I do like the look of Hardback’s, so we’ll probably keep most of those. Any solutions? What should I do?



  1. I like to keep most of the books I read, however Lori-lynn and I do alot of trading so I borrow from her and she borrows back. My advice is to keep the ones that you love. The others give away. If you’ll never read it again let it go. This is something that you can stand up to J about, I know how organized and uncluttered she likes things but if you have two bookshelves of books that you absolutely love then so be it. H

  2. I’m a bit of a book hog too…though most of the ones I keep are theology or ministry books. My excuse is that perhaps I’ll reference them…but really I just like having a “library.” πŸ™‚
    Paperback fiction I have been checking out at the library lately. My wife and our girls make a run there about twice a month, and Tricia knows my favorite authors.
    I’m a pack rat, but Tricia would say just get rid of em’!

  3. I love having books. Occasionally I try to get rid of some but I can usually only find one or two I’m willing to part with! In the last couple of years I’ve tried to make my house look more like a home. Here’s what I did with my books. First, I boxed and stored the workbook type of books and classnotes that I had out on bookshelves. Then I hid the “ugly” and rarely-used books in a closet that has built-in bookshelves. We got two matching bookcases for our office. I filled the more hidden shelf with the rest of the “ugly” books plus some decorative items. I filled the more visible shelf with most of the nicer-looking books plus some decorative stuff, too. Then (and actually this was the first thing I did) I selected my husband’s and my favorite books (no matter how pretty or ugly), books that kind of characterize us, and displayed them on some shelves in the living room, many of them stacked horizontally instead of vertically.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I like to think my tendency to over-think things (like book storage) might be helpful to somebody at least occasionally!

  4. I keep the classics and the one’s I will reference for sermons, I give the ‘for fun’ books good will. Lately I have been getting a lot of books from and deleting them once I listen.

  5. if you can’t live with the bookshelves, bless someone else by gifting them. This is a slow process of assigning the right book to the right person, but once implemented will help you keep control of your collection.

  6. Great ideas from everyone! Just to clarify I’m not asking Brian to give away any books that truely have an emotional impact on him. But I know that our shelves are filled with some randoms. some are gifts that we will never read. Some are ones we have read and will never again. I think the ones that have greatly impacted us should stay with us or get passed on to someone who we think would benefit. I think Brian is really liking that idea too. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  7. Are you going to read them, reference them, are they something the girls might want to read? If not find a home for them where they will be loved πŸ™‚
    Not like I am to talk we have the same problem + 1/4 th of them are waiting to be read πŸ™‚

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