Bookstack Well, just to be straight, Jacinda wasn’t making me get rid of the books or anything, we are just in this total phase right now of simplifying and cleaning stuff out. I am just so tired of all the "junk" that I’ve acquired. I don’t want to feel so tied to things and I don’t want to spend hard-earned money on stuff that’s just going to gather dust in my garage after a year. So, we are making some changes. First step is our bedroom. We want to get rid of some stuff. I think we’ll gear up to have a yard sale pretty soon. Might be a rough year of transition, but it’ll be fun.

I gotta figure out how much shipping costs, but I think I am going to sort out all of my books, put them on my blog, and if you want them, just send me $2 or $3 and I’ll send it to you in the mail. It’s like super-discount-used-amazon, maybe I’ll call it Hale-Yeah-azon. I’ll let you know. I’ll probably give them away to people who live here. What good are the words in a book if people don’t read them right? I think there is just something in my head that thinks I am back in college and I’m going to have to write a paper or something and I need all these books for reference. "Blue Like Jazz" was amazing, now someone else needs to read it. Actually my dad has that one right now, but I have many other amazing books to share with you guys. What do you think? Do you think I should feature a couple books a week, a side column full of what I have available, ebay?



  1. Yea def post them up dude, i dunno how i would get you $$$ but i would def buy sumthin if i saw sumthin i liked…

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