Date Night!

Rest_nat_pfchangs_1 Last night Jacinda and I went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. Before I get into that, I gotta tell you I was in rare form. I think it was my "supplement" plan that I’m on to lose weight. I had two shots of 64g of Protein and 2 sets of these pills that have the caffeine equivalent of like 100 cups of coffee (I don’t know really). But, I don’t drink coffee, so you can imagine what caffeine does to me. Plus, I went to the gym after work, so needless to say, my metabolism was up…way up. Everything was funny.

So, PF Changs was good. 2nd time I’d been there. For some reason to me it’s weird to eat "fancy" chinese food. Like Mexican food, I prefer it to come from some mom and pop hole in the wall. It’s not a price thing, it’s an authenticity thing. D Hou on Palm and Bullard is good chinese from a really nice family and I’m still working on one solid mexican joint. I go to several different ones, but not one has hit me out of the park that I must go everytime. Let me know if you have any suggestions on either. Another great chinese place is Lum’s downtown. After that we walked over to Gottschalk’s (a department store that was started in Fresno) because Jacinda has been waiting for them to get this certain pair of shoes in. There was absolutely no one in there. There were maybe 10 people working the whole store and 6 of those girls were maybe 13 years old! That place just reminds me of being a kid and going shopping with my mom. You know when you are so bored that you will sit down on any fixture you can find because the flourescent lights are just draining all super powers away!?

Music_and_lyrics Then we walked over to the theater and saw Music & Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I don’t know if you read Carlos’ post on what star you had a crush on when you were 16, but mine was Drew. I had pictures of her in my wallet. My feelings have faded, but the movie was really good. Anne was totally right in her movie review at Mungles that it is a total chick flick, but the guys won’t be bored. I thought that it was hilarious and just had a really nice, "feel good" kind of storyline. Movies like that are totally predictable, but sometimes you just need that. Someone meets someone, they like each other, he screws it up, yadayadayada. You know how it plays, but just like extreme makeover home edition, it’s therapeutic. We both laughed hard many times.

When we got home (at 10:15) both of my parents were asleep on the couch! They didn’t even hear us when we came in. I think I almost gave my mom a heart attack! When she finally did hear us she jumped, and I mean jumped out of the couch. So PF Changs 3.5 stars, Music and Lyrics 4 Stars.



  1. i only feel “safe” eating at fancy chinese food places due to a couple of bad experiences: 1. brocolli not being washed and had gnats all over it, AND 2. shrimp not being de-veined. sorry, i’d rather not eat bugs and poop for dinner. as far as mexican food places…chipotle and chevy’s are my favorites, duh (if you read my blog, you prob. already know the chipotle part) :).

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