Ca_lottery05 I don’t normally play the lotto, and I know that your chances are even slimmer when the jackpot is huge, but for $10 you can buy a dream, at least for one night. So, yesterday on the way home, I went and dropped a Hamilton at the closest liquor store to my house on the Mega Million CA Lotto. When I got home me and the girls went on a walk (Kiara pushed her baby in a stroller, while Jacinda pushed Melania). We talked the whole time what we would do with that much money. The jackpot was over $355 million, but if you took the lump sum (always better, by the way) after taxes, you would get like $150 million.

What would you do? I would put $100 million in tax-free bonds, make about $6 million a year, tax-free, then I would start spending. I already checked and the most that I could possibly spend at the Apple store was only $50,000, but I’ve got to say my first purchase would have to be a car. My absolute dream car is a BMW M5:

0651_07 But with $50 mil in the bank, I might have to shoot a little higher. How about a Ferrari, this one looks nice:

Ferrari2036020modena Also, how cool would it be to buy basically a neighborhood, yeah a whole neighborhood, put all the keys in a bowl, invite your family and friends over and just say, "pick one". Nice. What would you do with all that cash? Please, no "save the world" answers, I want to know what you would buy if you had $150 million dollars! Spare no expense!



  1. 50 acres of land in Sherwood Oregon, put in winemaking facilities, and buy a home in Pebble Beach so I could spend more time with my family. I would have to get a little villa at my favorite place on the Earth, Lake Como Italy, so my kids could learn a different culture and I could follow my dear Ferrari Formula 1 team in person and be a true tifosi. Oh yeah, third base front row seats at my second favorite place Pac Bell Park (I know its named something else, but its also still Candlestick Park as well) Would I have anything left over? Nice car choices too. Gotta love European cars.

  2. a cigar bar, a surf shop, a record label, every album on itunes, all those magazine subscriptions I cannot afford, a 1964 23 window VW Bus (completely restored), 1959 Cadillac Convertable…. oh and peace on earth!

  3. I’d give it all to the Southern Baptists… yeah right. I’d quit my job!!!!!!! Dude, my own cable network station. I’d just put all my friends on there and make up silly shows just so I could be on tv. I’d also make a few films, really good well done godly themed films (no cheese). I would defnitely have multiple world locations: Fiji, Europe, East Coast, West Coast (like Oprah). I design my own clothing line. I’d design my own concept car and actually produce only one so I’d be the only one driving it. I’d have like 10 kids. I might run for political office, just to see if I could actually win. I’d buy a ton of bluegrass musical equipment and recording equipment and learn every instrument and produce my own bluegrass records. I’d build a really sweet, spare-no-expense concert house club for young people, and sign the biggest acts to come through Fresno. I’d build a skyscraper district in downtown and dumb tons of money into revitalizing Fresno so we could actually have a cool city. I’d build a true East/West freeway in Fresno. I’d buy my wife a gigantic, perfect, real diamond ring not the rinky dink thing she’s got now. A limitless brandname wardrobe and the closets to boot for my wife. Actually, I haven’t really thought about it.

  4. i would build a batcave under my house. well i would buy a house first. i am serious. batpole and everything.
    and i would still work at sandals. except it would be called justins sandals church.

  5. Don’t we all have moments like these? Well I like the idea of investing the money, i dont think I would ever think of that.
    I think I would deffinately give a chunk away, give 4 million or so to my church and build a brand new campus with a purpose built auditorium (acoustics!).
    I would buy myself a Korg triton and a Macbook pro because there two things that I really want at the moment.
    After that I dont know.

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