The King and I

King_1 In Fresno, there is a small theater company called "The Good Company Player". They have two different venues in which you can go see plays. Roger Rocka’s is the more popular and more polished of the two. Last night my office bought 150 tickets that we invited our best clients to. It was a great night. All the wives got to come too, so it’s always nice to see who people are attached to.

King_2 This guy was the King in the classic story of "The King and I". I’m guessing he’s mexican, but he pulled off the king of siam very well. The show starts with dinner, which was a surprisingly good buffet and then they serve dinner during intermission. It’s a really cool thing that we have here in our Tower District (artsy part of town) that we definitely don’t take advantage of enough. Almost funnier than the show itself was the little old lady who was sitting infront of Jacinda where everytime they danced, she would exclaim, in a surprised way, "Whoa!"


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