Yard Sale

Yardsale Alright, I finally went through all my books yesterday, so I need to put the list up of what’s available. We worked yesterday on trying to clean out the clutter of our home. "Simple and Clean" is my motto these days and we are selling all kinds of stuff. We are even selling a big computer/entertainment armoire, bookcases, and a headboard for our bed. This saturday we will roll up the garage door and start taking offers! Our "date night" this week will consist of take-out and cleaning in the garage! It’s tedious, but also very liberating. Here is our other new slogan:

"Quality over Quantity"

I gotta stop buying things that don’t matter or that I don’t use all the time. Yes, I think it is cool that I own Braveheart on DVD, but how many times have I actually watched it? Little electronic gadgets and CD’s really get me too.



  1. Okay, yay…us too…but like times a million. We are selling or giving everything away except our 4 suitcases and off we go. Woo hoo. It is really strange and yet really gratifying. I think that less really is more when you don’t have all that stuff. But then again, we just bought a laptop and a camcorder to record everything and to keep in contact with our family and friends. But wow. Good luck with the cleanse thing.

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