The Master Cleanse Plan

The Master Cleanse is meant first and foremost as a detox; to rid your body of toxins. Weight loss will occur because you’re only taking in 500-700 calories a day. Also an important note: there are 2 recovery days. My trainer told me that if you decide to have a hamburger on day 11, you WILL go to the hospital.

Here’s what you will need: (all can be found at Whole Foods)

  • smooth move laxative tea
  • 2 – 32oz. organic maple syrup "grade B"
  • cayenne pepper powder
  • 5 gallons of bottled water (non floridated, I’m using crystal geyser)
  • 2 bottles – celtic sea salt (it’s a light grey color)
  • 40 lemons or 80 limes
  • mint tea (decaf)

Here’s the plan:

the night before you start you drink one cup of laxative tea before bed. you do this every night.

each morning: 32oz of water with 2 tsp. of sea salt (bathroom in 30 min to an hour so watch out)

drink through the day: 6-10 of these concoctions

10oz of water, 2 tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice, 2 tbsp of maple syrup, 1/10 of a tsp (or a small pinch) of cayenne pepper

day 11: fresh squeezed OJ, a couple drinks (from above), soup for lunch, soup for dinner, sliced apple or pear for dessert

day 12: fresh squeezed OJ, a couple drinks, salads for lunch and dinner

i’m only on day 2, so i don’t know what to expect throughout the whole deal. try to wean off the caffeine before time. Also, you can’t deviate from this plan at all. no multi-vitamins, no protein, no advil. If you are taking prescription medicine that you need to live, you probably shouldn’t stop taking that. in any case, ask your doctor. I might be a fool.



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