I quit!

Master_cleanse_bottle Well, after talking to Jacinda for a long time on Friday night, I decided to quit the Master Cleanse. My stomach felt like it was being eaten by all the acidic lemon/lime juices and if I had to open that bag of cayenne pepper one more time to make that drink, I thought I would hurl. My reasoning, "people live to 100 everyday without ever doing an intense detox like this." All I really wanted out of a detox was a colon cleanse, and believe me, I got that after the 2nd day. I feel like anyone can lose weight when you only put 500 calories a day in your body. This is definitely an extreme measure for someone who needs it. I felt as though my routine was finally becoming disciplined and this thing through me off.

I felt good about my decision, but still wanted a little back-up so on Sunday I saw my doctor at church, and asked him if he had ever heard of this. He replied, "uh oh, no, what’s it all about?" I told him the whole deal as to which his reply was a hesitated, "…um, that doesn’t…sound…healthy." Thank you Lord. Why did I ever even start this thing! I guess I should have talked to him before I started anything this extreme. It’s a good lesson learned.

I did lose several pounds even in those 4+ days, but I’ll be interested to see if I regain them. Plus, on Saturday, I had OJ for breakfast, a couple bites of salad for lunch, chicken broth for dinner, OJ again on Sunday, a sandwich for lunch with banana, and chicken for dinner… So Turk and JD wouldn’t be able to find out what’s wrong with me yet…



  1. The mountain dew is nearly all gone, didnt take me long, lol, but yea, im trying a detox of sorts at the moment, not as extreme as yours, but im going to go off coffee and tea and soft drinks etc.. for a while, and drink water and milk, dont know how long for, but we’ll see what happens

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