Worship Revolution Tour

News12big Martin_400pxw Delirious was is one of my favorite bands. Martin Smith’s voice was an experience in itself. Here’s a group of guys who have sold out Wembley Stadium and they were playing to a couple hundred people in Clovis, CA last night! Like their song, "History Maker" kind of talks about, these 5 guys have changed and effected change in so many ways around this world. I can’t imagine how the journey has come from, "hey, check out this chorus I just wrote! I could sing of your love forever. Do you like it?" in some living room in England, to recording that same song in 20-30 different languages for people all around the world! What a trip.

Vicky Beeching opened up the show and she was really good too. A classic, worship leader, who, I’m sure we will be hearing for years to come. Rebecca St. James was just what I expected. It was very late 90’s feeling. The colors, the songs, the style…I didn’t care for it. (Go to bathroom and visit the T-shirt table at this part of the show). But Delirious came through in the end. I wish I could get my hands on what they were showing on the screens behind them. So creative. It’s just amazing to be in a worship experience like that. They are definitely just blessed by God with the gift of leading others in worship. It’s that simple. I laughed, I cried, I jumped, all in all: great concert. Now there are only 2 other groups/people I must see before I die. U2 and Matt Redman.




  1. Yeah Matt Redman is worth seeing live! What I’m about to say may come across negatively but it’s not meant to be because I love the guy, but some of his live recordings have this ‘drunk guy yelling out walking around his front yard in his bathrobe’ feel to it sometimes! But being there with him is an incredible worship experience! He’s so natural.
    I just caught him and Tomlin and Louie on the How Great is Our God tour and the 1 thing I was dissapointed in was that Matt only played like 4 tunes and his new CD is just incredible!
    I’m with you on U2.

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