Should I get Crunked?

A7228 Apparently Lil’ John wants me to! I need your help, I am going on vacation tomorrow which means I need to get a ton of stuff done today! I’m trying to tie up all the loose ends and clean up so that nothing will be out there hanging while I’m gone. I went to the gym this morning, got some food in me, and now I’d like a little something extra from my buddy Caffeine.

Coffee is out of the question, I can’t stand the stuff. Maybe a cold coffee drink would work, but what do you guys drink when you need a little speed up? I know there are a lot of different things out there, but I just haven’t tried them. Monster, Sobe, Gatorade, Crunk Juice, Red Bull…etc. Give me a recommendation! please!



  1. CRACK!! JUST THE GOOD OL FASHION CRACK!!!! Ok I’m just kidding! I dont know. I can drink a cup of coffee and go straight to bed so when u find something let me know!

  2. Take it from a guy that does a lot of night school…I have tried a ton of them. I say either get a Hansen’s Energy in the green can, a Monster is always good, or even the Sobe Gold or Superman aren’t too bad either. However, Do not eat a blueberry muffin while drinking one or in my case, you will be on the side of the freeway, somewhere between Madera and San Jose, trying to throw-up. Enjoy
    Monster gets my vote unless you want a really sweet one, then Hansen.

  3. i dunno what you could get in the states, but over here i would drink Tesco’s Kick, its like red bull, but much cheaper

  4. From an the Mayo Clinic:
    Sports/Energy drinks – Grams of Caffeine
    AMP Energy Drink – 75g
    Full Throttle – 144g
    KMX Orange – 75g
    Red Bull – 80g
    SoBe Adrenaline Rush – 79g
    SoBe No Fear – 158g

  5. I always stick with a 15 pump, Venti, extra hot, stirred, chai latte at Starbucks. It has enough caffeine to kill a horse and it taste great!

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