Did you ever wonder?

Mainsanjaya2 Jacinda kept gasping at how Sanjaya was making it through the elimination shows, then I heard about this site: www.votefortheworst.com

There are all kinds of people jumping on this bandwagon. Just the other day I was watching a little clip of Zach Braff introducing his new movie, The Ex, and at the end of his snippet, he said "vote for Sanjaya!" That is just wrong. American Idol makes for good TV, but of idols, whose albums did you actually buy. I’ll confess that we bought a couple:

Daughtry_album_art_2 Daughtry from Chris Daughtry

Breakaway_2 Breakaway from Kelly Clarkson (terrible in concert by the way)

Carrie_underwood_2 Some Hearts from Carrie Underwood



  1. The three albums you bought are the only artists worthy of the publicity they received from Idol. That show is a farce and Sanjaya is exactly what is wrong with the show. He should have never gone to Hollywood. I think the judges should choose the Idol…its way to easy for them to say “I discovered them” when they make it big and “Not me, America votes” if they flop. I am totally voting for Sanjaya and the sad thing is the longer he stays on, more qualified singers will get bounced. Rockstar had a better approach…America chooses the bottom 3, and the band dismisses the worst singer. Rueben, Clay, Taylor Hicks (Vegas lounge act)most of this years singers…would you pay $40 to sit through their concerts..?for me its Melinda. Only. I’d pay to see her sing. GO GO GO Sanjaya. See you on YouTube with William Hung. Poor kid is getting ripped a new one and he’s so young. Shame.

  2. We have Carrie and Fantasia CDs.
    It’s a big family thing for us to get into Idol big time.
    Couldn’t believe Gina got voted off. Can’t believe Haley is still there. Can’t believe I know all their names.

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