Every year for the rest of our lives

Specials_comboncWell, Jacinda and I loved the Newport Coast Villas so much…we bought one! We now have a vacation home on the Newport Coast smack in the middle of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. 2 Bedrooms, 2 baths, and all ours….well, for a week a year. That’s right, it’s a time share, but after 10 years (or sooner) it will be paid off and we’ll pay less than $1,000 to vacation there every year. There are tons of options as far as trading weeks, when you go, and upgrading whole vacation packages. I never really knew too much about the whole "time share" thing, but this is amazing! Carlos’ parents have several of them, so I’ve been wanting to look into it. The cool thing is that I actually own the property and my name is on the title, so when Jacinda and I die off, our girls will get them. Plus, even cooler, if you don’t use your week every year, they give you points (that don’t expire) to use towards another vacation, another day. Since we won’t be using ours this year, plus the bonus points we got for being first time buyers, we will have enough points to go to New York, 1st class, for free next year!



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