play it through in my head

BofaatmAre vacation is almost over. We hit Disneyland yesterday for the third day this week and then left around 1 and headed to Carlos and Heather’s House to spend the night. And believe it or not, a miracle happenned.
The four of us, NO KIDS, got to go out! Sandals Church was having a "date night" where for $5 you could drop off your kids from 6 to 9. Jacinda and I looked forward to this break all week long, even though the time we spent with our girls and family this week was precious.
The girls wanted to shop, so we drove to Rancho, ate a quick dinner at Johnny Carino’s and dropped them off at Forever 21 while Los and I headed over to REI.
After picking all the kids up at church, we headed home. On the way I stopped at an ATM. Now, here’s the point of my whole post.

Do you ever make up scenarios in your head and then figure out what you would do?

Example: I’m standing at this ATM, I tell Jacinda to lock the doors, because it’s 9:30 at night with the girls in the car, and I head up to the magic box to get some cash. As I’m entering my pin (here comes the hallucination) I start looking around to make sure no knife-wielding robber is lurking in the shadows. I then think of what I would do if someone did try to rob me. I plan out in my head what I would say, what I would do, how I would keep my family safe, and usually how I would pull some "Transporter" movie move on him and either knock him out or kill him with his own weapon.
Am I the only one who does this?



  1. I do it ALL the time. If it’s not a Hale thing, then maybe it’s just a guy thing. I asked Jess if she does it: nope. I also do the “What if this building caught on fire” or “What if that car in front of me blows a tire while we’re going 80 on the highway” and so on.

  2. Dude, i do that too, usually not quite as cool as Transporter, but hey… its a worry thing we all seem to have, you should listen to this weeks podcast from Orchard Valley Community, Scott was talkin about it, was pretty good

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