Fast and the Furious

Speedtest_graphicyou gotta love broadband! I switched all my stuff back to Comcast and the broadband is like 8x faster than my DSL was.
You gotta go to  and check your connection speed. Here’s mine:
Picture_3_2  The reason that I went back to Comcast is because we got a new HDTV and to upgrade Dish Network was going to be expensive. For the same price as HD with Dish Network I get a HD Tuner in my living room and my bedroom complete with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder…better known as a Tivo) on both and my broadband internet connection. Crazy! There are still a couple of little tweaks about Comcast, but I’ll get used to it, plus the picture is AMAZING!



  1. congrats on the new TV!
    ok so I had to check our UL and DL speeds because you know we work our system :)We are using DSL and my laptop is on the wireless network so I don’t know if that makes any difference. Our DL 5126 and UL is 648. Not to bad were not bogged down.

  2. i have a love/hate relationship with comcast…
    love how fast they are
    hate their customer service and price
    (but they’re the only ones where i live…so i get over it)

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