an honor

Picture_4My brother and his new fiance (whoo hoo!) came over last night and he gave this book back to me. See, over 6 years ago, I gave him this book wherein I wrote on the inside cover and asked him to be my best man. Well, he gave it back to me last night, not to give it back to me, but because he took a turn writing in the cover and asked me to be his best man. I got all teary-eyed, tried not to show it too much, and gave my little brother, the future husband a big hug with my answer of "yes"!
Jessica and Dave have already planned their day, January 5th in the new Peoples Church Chapel. It’s gonna be hard to find some time to get away during the holiday season, but I can’t wait to plan his bachelor party. I mean, c’mon, he’s my only brother, so you know I gotta do something cool. Oh, I just got a great idea… I gotta go write it down!



  1. (Dave, you made his night for sure.) It was awesome to see your reaction babe. I know it did mean way more than even you let on. I don’t know if he could read it, but I could. I am so excited for you to play the role and share this monumental experience w/ Dave. Love you!!!

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