462913112_31edfe1154_o Our church has a whole ministry called TEAM which runs T-Ball, soccer and little hoopsters to name a few. This year we had over 550 kids sign up for T-Ball/Baseball! 69 teams total. Needless to say, they needed a lot of coaches. That’s fine with me, because for as long as I’ve had kids I’ve been waiting for this day.

I am the coach of my little girl’s team! I even got a t-shirt to prove it. This will actually be the 3rd weekend on Saturday, but I’m still sorting through pictures from months ago.

It’s actually hilarious because pretty much at any point in the 45 minute game your child will be laughing, crying, smiling, waving to mom, or picking a flower from the grass. Here are a couple more pics I thought you would like:

Tball2 She’s finally getting the whole "over the shoulder" throw, but still having trouble on when to release the ball. Oh well, she’s 3. She hit off the tee pretty good though.

Tball_with_ethan This is Kiara with her buddy Ethan. Now this kid has got an arm. I think the college scouts should be looking at him for either Baseball or Football. Oh, and Kiara would love to be his cheerleader/trophy wife! These two are so cute together. They’re always holding hands. Good thing I’m friends with this kids dad, or I might have to sit him down for a little talk.



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