Lunch with the Princesses

Snow_whiteSnow White was the first to visit our table. Her doe-eyes and voice were perfect. Her signature in Kiara’s book was also very complex. I also have video of her checking out Jessica’s engagement ring. She commented by saying, "It looks like someone visited the dwarfs diamond mine". She was so quick, clever, and really on her "snow white" game.
Belle was next around the table. She saw Kiara’s flower in her hair and said, "oh, what a beautiful flower. Aurora’s going to love that flower because it’s pink and that’s her favorite color" something like that. She was one of the best. She was so attentive to the kids, really got down with them on the floor and listened and talked. She was really sweet.
She even took some time to talk to Melania:Belle_with_melania_2
The next princess to come by was Aurora, and sure enough, the first thing she says is how she loves Kiara’s flower because it’s her favorite color. I swear, it seemed scripted, but couldn’t have been. Here’s Aurora:Aurora

Well, they saved the best for last for Kiara. Cinderella came around in her blue gown. Kiara was so star struck, that she couldn’t even talk. She wanted Jacinda to tell her that she was her favorite princess. So, Jacinda passed along the word, and Cinderella, with all of her elegance, turned straight to Kiara and said, "You’re my favorite princess too". Jacinda almost started crying it was so cute. Check out their expressions:



  1. Yeah, Snow Whites voice was a little crazy. Jess and I explain her to people as, “She sounded like she was being pumped helium directly into her throat. It was awesome being able to see Kiara experience the “magic” of Disneyland. I bet she’s been dreaming of princesses ever since. Just wait until Melanie is that old and then we can watch them both go deer-in-the-headlights whenever they see a character. Awesome!!!

  2. me and my cousins ate dinner at the grotto one time. it was hilarious. we all got pix with the princesses. my cousin charles even had some dialouge with mulan or something like that.
    i think it was fun for the princess to experience some real men instead of the usual prince charmings. how boring.

  3. Bro I have been to Disneyland about 30 times this year and I have not met a single princess. I have, however, been on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters on average 4.5 times per visit and have met Mr. Lightyear about the same number. Same park completely different experiences…

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