070320_sanjaya_vmed_2p It is about stinking time!

Besides the "vote for the worst" people, I don’t know who in there right mind could vote for this guy. You should be voting for the best, not someone you think is okay. I think American Idol has lots of wrong in it though. First of all, why do they do those cheesy, sing-along, all together bits on the results shows. They are terrible sounding! I wish the judges could talk on that. Plus, people vote for people they like, but not whose CD they would buy. I’m just not going to buy Melinda’s CD. She is an amazing vocalist, but there’s nothing for me to grab onto there. It’s pretty much the same for me and the rest of the contestants. Although I can see how Blake would sound really good as part of a band. I also like Chris for the same reason. It just all seems like an act to me (it is I guess). It’s hard to feel passion by singing someone else’s songs I guess.



  1. man, since i’ve been iff uni for 3 weeks and away from my house in belfast i haven’t seen much TV, and that means i’ve missed loads of American Idol, who’s still in it? i really like blake and chris, but i think melinda will win, amazing voice, but she doesnt have the stage presence, well i dont think so anyway…

  2. Irish artists, U2, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, Snow Patrol and Ash, but to name a few… Irish idol, that would be freaking hillarious…

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