The Library

Fresnocounty I got a library card today! It’s been years since I’ve been inside a library and if you don’t include my college days, 10’s of years! Actually, my mom is a librarian, so I guess when I visit her at work I am technically in a library. Anyways, Jacinda and I have our trip to Hawaii coming up in a couple months so we were going to get some books to help us plan/find new things to do. We got rid of a ton of books this year and decided that we don’t need to spend our money on that stuff anymore. Why buy something that you are only going to use for a little while when you can rent?!

I got 2 books and 2 CD’s. I couldn’t believe they had CD’s too. I almost checked out Amy Grant’s "Heart in Motion" just for a good memory jog, but was embarrassed to take it to the counter. But now that I know how to self-checkout…



  1. I love the Fresno Library. Remember that you can request things online and they will deliver to your branch. We just got Hollywood land. It is surprising how recent all their movies and music are. I have TobyMac’s Portable Sounds on request.

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