The Office

Office1440x9001 I am completely convinced now. The Office is the best freakin’ show on TV. I can’t believe how hard I laugh. I can’t believe the subculture that exists apart from the show; the webisodes, the YouTube shorts, Dwight’s blog…it just keeps getting better.

Check out my new "video of the week" in the top right corner where Jim impersonates Dwight. If you don’t watch this show…well, I just don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

What’s your favorite?



  1. You know, I started watching it not too long ago and I agree it is rolling-on-the-floor hilarious but only for people like us who have worked is that type of environment before. For people who havent, it is just dumb which makes it even funnier for us.

  2. Yeah I’m a huge fan. It’s ridiculously addicting and fun. This past week’s episode was hysterical. I nearly died laughing when that melon hit the car.
    Amazingly, this season Dwight is becoming my most favorite character. I have that video as well and can’t wait for this week’s episode.

  3. One of the few shows I watch and it is hilarious! My wife and I have actually started buying the season DVD’s! Having been in an office environment for much of my professional life, it really hits home. Dude, your video of the week ’bout knocked me out of my chair! ROFL!

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