a busy weekend ahead

Hutch Right after work I’m heading over to church to lead some worship for this men’s conference called "Man Alive". I’ll be doing a couple songs here and there tonight and tomorrow morning. The guy to the right is Ken Hutcherson who is one of the speakers. I’ve never heard of him, but apparently he used to play in the NFL and after googling and wikipedia-ing him, he has a knack for stirring the pot. I’m not too sure if I like the way he is stirring it, but I guess we’ll see. If wikipedia is right, there’s actually a case involving him, the FBI, and him professing to be some White House appointant, where no one at the White House is confirming this "designation". So, maybe someone knows of him and can give me some reassurance…?

During the conference, I’ll run over to the fields and coach my daughter’s little T-Ball team, take a team picture, get back to the conference, and done by noon. Sunday, we are leading worship for our third service, then doing an outreach event with the apartment complex next to our church, babysitting a friend’s kid, then my parents will be coming over for an early "date night" on Sunday rather than our usual Monday night. Which, will be nice with how busy our weekend will be. Hopefully I’ll get some blog time on Saturday after the conference. Have a great Friday!


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  1. Hale Guy,
    Hey this is Patrick and I appreciated your comment on my blog. I work at the Flagship Apple Store in SoHo, NYC. I am the worship pastor of a church plant there. http://www.originsnyc.com
    let me answer your questions on the macbook pro
    This is what it boils down to. If you are using the computer for any type of photo editing do NOT get the Glossy screen. When it is said “the glossy screen enriches the color” what it means is it basically darkens it.
    (this is the part where some guy reposts about his super dooper knowledge in this area and says that I am wrong)
    That’s fine. Everyones’ opinion is valid. But considering the traffic in the store and how many people complain about this isuue, it is definitely something to consider. Trust me, most people hate the glossy screen when editing photos. Because after editing a photo you usually print it and the color is completely different on paper.
    But, if you are using the computer for watching movies and the normal basic user applications then the glossy screen looks amazing. The only thing you have to get around is the reflection that the screen gives and the fact that it is a little harder to clean.
    The MacBook Pro is a great computer and I own one myself. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Please come visit my blog again any time.
    I hope this helped.

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