Forgot to Mention the Weekend

Meettherobinsonsposter After leading worship for the men’s conference and coaching T-Ball for my daughter’s team, we went home and crashed. It was one of those times where you totally want to take a nap, but you don’t want to waste a Saturday, so we all got up and went to the movies. Melania slept almost the whole time and Kiara sat on my lap for most of the movie. There were a couple scary parts for her, but I think she liked it in the end. I really liked the movie. I love these Disney/Pixar creations because they have so much adult humor mixed with a great storyline and graphics. I laughed out loud several times, while Kiara would say, "what daddy?"

After the movie, we ran over to Borders to use the "potty" and spent some time on the floor with some kids books and I parused some travel books. Then the biggest decision of the day came: Where do we go for dinner? Ahh! It took us forever to figure this one out and while we were one of my buddies from work’s family showed up, so we just tagged along with them at Broilers.

It was really good, I haven’t had too much "middle eastern cuisine" experience, but it was nice.

Lamb20shawarma20from20chickpea I had the Haav Schwarma complete with pita bread and humus. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure what kind of food that is. Armenian, Greek…? Oh well, it was good anyway. Then we let the kids go wild on the little outdoor playground that they have at RiverPark.


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