I had a Set List

Dsc_0126_1 I get to take part in the oh so elite group of worship leaders out there by posting my set list from the weekend. I am a worship leader. it is what I love to do. But, it’s not my job, it’s not even a regular thing…anymore. If you are new around here, my wife and I led worship for our church’s college group for the last 10 years, and last November, after baby girl #2, we stepped down. Now, we don’t have a regular gig, which is nice don’t get me wrong, but I still long to lead. We get asked every other month or so to lead our churches 3rd service (more contemporary than the first 2). So, last week, Jacinda and I got to lead. We try to pick older songs that the congregation will be more adjusted to, but it’s just hard because of the style differences.

The group that I play with is a band, probably like most of you, the normal group on Sunday is more worship team style with 5 singers and sometimes even a full orchestra. It’s pretty awesome, epecially for Christmas when the whole thing gets together. Anyways, my set list:


Undignified by Matt Redman, played in the uptempo version by David Crowder

Body of Worship:

You (All we Need) by Charlie Hall

Beautiful One by Tim Hughes (not Jeremy Camp people!)

From the Inside Out by Joel Houston (Hillsong United)


One Pure and Holy Passion by Mark Altrogge (arrangement by my brotha, Los)


They asked us to play "from the inside out" again. that song really rocked (thanks to my ace guitar player Nick!)



  1. That’s great that you get to lead sometimes. I used to lead worship a lot too and now don’t have the opportunity to… new church… doing other things there. But I do miss it.

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