getting organized

Closet2Our little Melania has an ear infection and pink eye, so Jacinda couldn’t take her to the gym child care, so she left the girls with me and went to her class. We tried to go on a walk, but it started raining (for those of you in LA, that’s when water falls from the sky…i know, weird hugh?). We watched some "Handy Manny" and then I put the girls down. When Jacinda got home, we started going through my closet. I am throwing out all kinds of shirts and pants that are too big now. Ahh, the price of losing weight. There were some pants that I had taken in less than a year ago, and now, I wouldn’t be able to keep them up. It’s amazing what you can throw out when you really get honest about how often you wear certain things. I got some more weight to go, so I’m trying to wait to buy new clothes.


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