Cookware I’ve been making eggs every morning after I go to the gym and have become very irritated with our state of cookware. You see, when you get married, you register for things you need. Don’t get me wrong, I am very appreciative of what people got us (six years ago this month), but apparently several people thought I needed a glass vase more than a saucepan, a soup kettle, or just a fry pan!

So, being the struggling college students who are married, we bought a couple pans…2 and a small pot, just big enough for mac & cheese. Well, like I said, 6 years later and we need some better stuff. All of the "non-stick" came off and the pan is now "stick to me" style. Here’s the deal though. I probably won’t buy the whole set right now. I’d like to acquire it overtime, but I know absolutely zero about this stuff besides the fact that I think stainless steel looks cool. Do any of you consider yourselves pro-chef’s that could help me with a brand name at least? What do you guys prefer to cook on…besides the BBQ…Stainless steel, calphalon, copper bottom…I dunno.



  1. Get a set, you will save a lot of money that way. We just replaced the $40 set we got when we got married so I feel you;). If you get a nonstick st (which I recommend) get an anodized version. That means instead of a coating, it is impregnated into the pan so it doesn’t flake off. You also want a heavy pot for even heat distribution. I got the Pampered Chef executive line (partial because I used to sell it) and have been very happy with it. It can be a pricey investment but, like with mine, I have a life time guarantee on them so I don’t foresee ever having to spend that kind of money again.

  2. I know what you mean. We had like 6 worn down pots and pans that we kind of used that didn’t really go together. But I do think you might be better if you invest in a higher quality set. We were about to do that before we left, and we might still do that here…once we get settled. Dude, we gotta eat, right? And you can only cook eggs in a good pan 🙂 Something strange here, When the meat is sold…like sold out of the grocery store…it is sold out. Which kind of happends mid-day. So you have to get there early. Weird. Also traffic lights are called robots. You might want to keep that handy…it probably will help you out later today.

  3. I don’t usually comment on your blog but couldn’t resist giving you some motherly advice! We have our original set of Faberware that will be 33 years old in June that still works great and I still love! I agree with the anodized frying pan for eggs however. Ask David–he gave us a great one! Hmmm…sounds like a good anniversary present! Love you.

  4. there is a good Calphalon outlet in Gilroy that has some good prices. I would recommend staying away from anything named after somebody. If you are willing to throw some coin you can always go All-Clad. Otherwise smart and final has good deals on commercial stuff.

  5. I had a Pampered Chef party for a friend, and I received 50% off one item…I almost chose the cookware and wish I would have now. I think they run deals like that every so often, so you might have your wife check into having a party just to get the discount.

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