Drugged up.

Hp_mainimage_bot Zmax is a new drug from Pfizer that I took yesterday. I’m still down and out, but back at work today. I’ve had a rough week, battling a cold, then eventually it turning into a sinus thing. I get these sinus infections a couple times a year it seems, but this time my Dr. gave me something new. ZMAX. Instead of the normal 5 day pill, this is a one-time liquid. We’ll see how it works. I took it yesterday along with some Allegra D and a nose drop thing. I’m all drugged up, slouching at my desk, moving slow, and trying really hard to make my eyes focus. It’s like there is a film all around me and I can’t get through it. I’ve been on the couch for the last 3 days, missed church on Sunday and 2 days of work, although, I’ve been checking my BlackBerry religiously.

It was one of those times where you watch so much TV that you get bored with it, but you’re not feeling good, so I couldn’t even focus enough to read a book. TV was the most mindless, effortless thing available. I watched one of the Matrix flicks, several episodes of Smallville, Heroes, 24, Numb3rs, and even a little Encino Man; not to mention several kids movies with my daughters!



  1. i had this stuff and it made me soooooo sick to my stomach for like 3 hours. then i was fine. but not worth it for me…guhhhhhh….pain!!!! and other things i shall not mention.

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