Spiderman 3

Moviespiderman1mct Jacinda and I went out last night because I was sick earlier in the week for our normal date night. We headed out to Clovis to drop the girls off at my parents and hit the new Chipotle out there. New place, just as yum!

We walked on over to the Criterion, which is still a ghost town since no other shops have opened around it and got our tickets for Spiderman 3. I bought a large soda for us at the cheap price of $4.25. I asked the guy if there were free-refills (like Edwards Theaters) and he said, "no, but if you bring it back to me, I’ll hook you up". Cool, thanks. We were early for the movie, so I played a video game in the lobby, then got went over to top the soda off before the movie. no problem.

the movie starts and I gotta say, I’m a sucker for comic book/superhero type movies shows. I love stuff like the Matrix, Smallville, superman, batman, fantastic four, or x-men. I guess there’s something deep inside of me that still thinks, maybe…someday…i might develop a super power. anyways, the movie is going good, but I gotta go use the facilities, so I take the soda to get some more while I’m out there. I use the restroom, then go up to the counter to get some more soda and the guy is like, "i’m not really supposed to be giving you this, so this has to be your last one". Okay, bro! Don’t give me the guilt trip because you offered to "hook me up". that was annoying!

Spiderman 3 was good to okay for me. I like superhero stuff, but something needs to explain why it got it’s powers to me. It can be far fetched, but not off the deep end. I felt that the Sand Man was a little over the top and the fact that the movie basically had 3 villians and a twisted love story, was too much to handle. The content could’ve been split up into 2 separate movies. The special effects were amazing, you could only notice the CG at a couple places and you just gotta love spidey. Although, I gotta say that Tobey Maguire is not a superhero kind of figure. I think he’s just too small for it to be believable. I don’t know. I will give my overall experience a 3.5 stars out of 5. Jacinda doesn’t give a rip about comic style movies, so she said 1 star and that is just because it had some kind of love story!



  1. I am shocked you guys didn’t do the IMAX. The NerdDad and I are waiting to go over there and see it. Any cool effects will hopefully be cooler. Overall, how did you like the new theater?

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