What the….!

351main2standaloneprod_affiliate This is Cinthia. She is a senior at Fresno High School and just ran for Prom King. That’s right…King.

I saw this story on the news last night about how this girl is running for king and another guy is running for Prom Queen at Roosevelt High School. They both consider themselves "transgender". I gotta be honest here, this disgusts me. I couldn’t find a picture of the boy, but seeing him with a wig, padded bra, and spaghetti strap shirt just made me sick. I am no homophobe but I just can’t believe how acceptable this is all becoming. This post is definitely not PC, so don’t be looking for that here.

I’m just saying, 10 years ago, when I was in High School, if you said you were gay or transgender, or whatever…you would get beat down by the jock "cru". I wasn’t in that crowd, but as sheltered as our high school was, you would’ve been an outcast. There are people that were "rumored", but you never saw it like you do today…just 10 years later. I was trying to get some input from a younger hipster a couple months ago, but never heard back. I wonder what it is like these days for these high schoolers and jr. highers today?

As the MTV generation gets younger and younger the amount of programming with the cliche gay guy or  lesbian girl couple seems to increase more and more. Even network shows seem to have somebody, whether it be Will and Grace, Scrubs, or the Office.

Poppedcollar I was at the mall around Christmas time and saw a normal guy/girl couple and the guy had the classic pink polo shirt with a popped collar (not cool by the way) and he was very femine sounding and acting. I was taken back because he actually fit the cliche "gay guy" image, but was totally with his girlfriend. Then some older guy came up to him and was praising him for how great a job he did in the previous night’s football game. I was just so confused because the guy was the farthest thing from the "jock" image that I could imagine.

I know I’m being long-winded here, but I’ve been thinking about all this stuff for awhile now. I’m just sick and tired of this weird girly-guy trend that has these teenage boys acting like jr. high girls, down to the point of spending more time on their hair than the average girl. There’s a definite line where some guy’s can pull off the whole rockstar vibe and still be men and the guy’s who just look like girls. It’s not just the dress, but the whole attitude. I can’t handle it anymore. Will the real men please stand up!



  1. i don’t know how to respond to this point because i have two different opinions. and i don’t know how to dicipher which one i feel most strongly about.
    1) My Christian hat says that it is wrong and they are “sick” but my other hat says, they don’t believe they are wrong because they don’t know Jesus and aren’t Christian so we can’t expect to live as such.
    2) I have many guy friends who are incredibly feminine. I think that if they were not Christian, they may be batting for the other team if you know what I mean. I know one of them for sure, who has actually said that.
    So, ultimately i thikn it comes down to personal conviction. whether the conviction comes through your faith or just your self-worth… are two very different things. And i think as Christians we need to step out of our “box” and realize that not everyone in the world are Christian and believe their life-style is wrong. So, we have to stop condemning and start loving or they will never see the love of Christ.

  2. Your last point is dead on Crystal. 30 years ago people were disgusted by “hippies” and most outgrew this phase and I’m sure these guys will too. It doesn’t play well in the adult world. I guess growing up near San Francisco and now living in Portland, OR, I actually enjoy having different people around. Always ordering vanilla ice cream gets boring after a while. One lesson I learned a long time ago – you can’t judge a book by its cover. As for the cliche gay characters, well i’m of the mind to not watch those shows if it bothers you. The cliche characters are sad…it’s like rappers who use the “N” word…sets back the push for equality and respect. Most gays aren’t queeny or overt. the small percent who are get all the attention and that’s what these young men are doing as well. They are starved for acceptance. God will judge them in the end and as long as they are good people I’m cool with their little act. My job is, if given the chance, to direct them to His arms…and smack a little sense into them as well 🙂

  3. Nice! I don’t for one second judge these people as I know that my life has sin just as much as theirs does. I just get frustrated when these little political rants are pushed. The fact remains, prom kings are guys and you are not physically a guy, so don’t try to be.

  4. Wow, so are you suggesting that it is acceptable for the “Jock” click to intimidate and physically harm someone they don’t approve of? So these are the Christian values we all know and love. Please keep in mind, there is another viewpoint. Not everyone is a Christian voting for Bush, judging others and dressing up on Sundays
    Are you also suggesting that just because something was one way when you were in school that it should remain the same? If all traditions were kept we would still have slavery, African Americans and women would still not be able to vote, women could not own property, etc. The list goes on. Just because things were or are, it does not mean they should be.
    Also, the comment, “I’m not homophobic, but…” is a total lie. You are homophobic, you just don’t want to be called homophobic.
    Lastly, this has nothing to do with being PC, it has to do with loving people without the “good old boys” lens.

  5. Exactly. There are so many silly causes these days. Again most are to get 15 seconds of fame. if only we were better at ignoring these things…
    and popped collars…ranks up there with the horrible super baggy jeans phase. My children are going to have a strict dress code..for their own sake whether they know it or not!

  6. Jen, I like to try and say what I feel on my blog so others can take a peek inside my brain. I know I don’t have all the right answers or opinions, but hopefully in writing them down, I can grow and learn. Needless to say, I think you are reading into this post a little too much. Don’t get me wrong I have very strong opinions, but I’m not going to go with what our culture dictates just because it is becoming popular. And, don’t even try to compare slavery and homosexuality. Not even close! When did a gay person ever have to sit in the back of the bus, or go around to the back to order their dinner. No comparison.
    To answer a couple of your questions:
    1. no i don’t suggest it is okay to beat up people. I was actually very anti-jock in High School.
    2. I don’t a wear a suit on Sunday, but I do all week, so I guess I actually dress down for church.
    3. Check this out…slavery was never okay to Jesus, he never put women down, but His word does speak against homosexuality. Same story, hasn’t changed, over 2000 years.
    4. i’m not homophobic, because I’m not scared of gays, I just think guys on guys is disgusting, just like I can’t stand spaghetti. I actually know several “gay” people and I don’t think they would call me a homophobe.
    5. the “good old boys” thing. I’m not sure if you can judge me without knowing me. I would definitely say I’m a lover not a fighter, but I will stick up for what I believe. That’s why I put my beliefs/opinions/feelings out there for the world to see on this blog.
    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Thanks for the response. I do still stick to my previous comment. But, I was way too harsh and judgmental myself. So, sorry about that, I get all riled up about stuff and sometimes there is a fine line between sharing your feelings and condemning someone elses. I still feel the same way but I was being too harsh and sarcastic, not a good way to debate.

  8. So I think you are right-on in pretty much everything you said…just most of us don’t have the balls to say it out loud. Seriously. Oh, and by-the-way…I have now started calling myself American African and everyone here thinks it is dumb just like it is dumb for the people there to call themselves African American. It is still pretty funny though.

  9. I think you’re spot on with the girly-guy trend. It’s especially popular in city areas. They are called Metrosexuals.
    According to a recent survey, women actually prefer real men to Metrosexuals.

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