i am way late on this one.

669481_cd_l_f I recently finished my BMG 12 cd’s for the price of 1 by getting my last four free cd’s. My four CD’s included:

Bob Dylan-Modern Times

Jason Mraz-Mr. A to Z

Hootie and the Blowfish: Cracked Rear View

The Killers- Hot Fuss

Mraz was a replacement from a lost album, hootie was a chance to re-live my high school days, dylan an attempt at culture, but the Killers has been my happy surprise. This album was so big on the top 40 lists, that I didn’t think I would care for it that much. I usually like stuff that’s a little different. So, if you’re wondering, I totally can’t stand Robin Thicke. At least the song where he’s all "baby, baby" and singing in his fallsetto. Back to the Killers. Great album, lots of drive, catchy melodies, interesting lyrics (not too sure on that front yet). Now they have a newer album and I think I’ll try to get that soon. Who knew that any good could come out of Las Vegas!



  1. After thinking about my comment, I think I should have said “it’s a solid album”, being that I didn’t purchase the cd, but bought it through iTunes.

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