last day of T-ball

Dsc_0080today was our last day. we had all but 2 kids show up and all 2 innings were fun. Kiara broke down and cried, her normal average of once per game. After the game I, as the coach, got to hand out all the goods. All of the kids got a team picture, a coupon for a free meal at Tahoe Joe’s, a certificate signed by me and a little trophy. they were all so excited to get these little bobble-head trophies and thought they were so cool!
Kiara’s little buddy Ethan would’ve gotten the MVP award if we had one. This little kid can hit and throw farther than anyone else could and I would say he’s the one to watch for the pro career later in life!
At one point Kiara turns over to me and says, "Daddy, I want to stand by Ethan." I go on to tell her that we’re playing a game and she needs to catch the balls. Then I figure, "what the heck, it’s her last game". So she goes over there and Ethan and her just hug each other. So funny. That was T-ball for me, lots of kids, lots of tears, lots of…not playing t-ball.


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