How will it end?

24 Tonight marks the end of yet another season of 24. I’m sure Jack Bauer will save the world, but by killing how many…I don’t know. I am excited to see the season finale, to see how the whole deal gets wrapped up. I gotta say though, for me, this season has lacked that "wow" factor for me. Again, they killed a major character (which I secretly love) but the story line just isn’t as dynamic or something. I can’t put my finger on it.

Heroes The one I’m really excited about though is one of my new favorite shows, Heroes. This whole season has been great, I just wonder how many seasons they could pull off unless they really leave this one hanging. Will Hiro save the world? with Nathan Petrelli die? What’s going to happen with Sylar? I’m pumped!



  1. i cant wait to see the conclusion of this series, i heard they have signed up for another 2 seasons… man 24 rocks, but i think this season went down hill at the start of the whole audrey reins thing…

  2. For a 24 first timer I was a bit let down. Though the last 20 minutes (maybe 24 minutes) of the show were deeply satisfying to me. Felt like the best. Since it was my 1st season I felt like I just didn’t care about what was going on and Jack was this over the top overreacting crazy man. I loved the wrap up. I felt satisfied.
    I am sad I chose it this season instead of Heroes. Can’t wait for the DVDs!

  3. Season 3 is still the best by far. It was like the Sgt. Peppers of 24 seasons. Which makes this season like the Lennon and Yoko Ono album .

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