Cheap BBQ!

Bbq I don’t know what the deal is with Amazon, but this $1400 BBQ has been on sale this week, probably for Father’s Day. It is made by Strathwood which is Amazon’s house brand; kind of like Kirkland for Costco I guess. Regular Price $1400 with $100 shipping and handling. I just picked it up for $399 with Free Shipping! I just went back to the site and the price changed, but if you’re in the market for a big BBQ, you might want to watch it.

Note: I haven’t actually seen the grill, so I cannot attest to it’s quality, but for $400 bucks, how can I go wrong.

My current grill is the lowest level Target grill. It has served us well, but is completely falling apart, the inside is chipping off, and the burner covers are eaten away from all the grease and rust. Everytime I try to BBQ a tri-tip (i hope you all know what that is, it’s kind of a west coast thing), the whole thing catches on fire! This is going to be so nice. I hope it gets here before Father’s Day for my annual Meat-fest.


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