Superman by Moi

Picture_2Okay, it’s not just because I know the guy, but this single is amazing. You can get it on iTunes. The band’s name is "Moi" after frontman Moises Navarro. Moi’s voice is like butter, so smooth and the more of it, the better. He shows some real control and beauty on his newest single, Superman. Although his other music is good, I feel like this latest song is going to take him places. The ever-so-famous blogger/photographer/musician Daley Hake is also in the band.
"It Pleases You" is one of my other favorite tunes. Please go download these songs or just get the whole albums. I’ll never forget back a couple years ago and me, Los and Moi were hanging out doing something and Moi’s like, "check this song I wrote last night" he busts out the MiniDisc player and plays it for me and Los. I was like, "that’s tight bro" because that’s what we said back then. I knew it was going to be good, but when I heard the studio version I was pretty impressed. So there you go, I know someone who is semi-famous! Check out the band’s mySpace to hear some tunes (one of the only times you’ll actually see me supporting mySpace). You can also catch them at Spirit West Coast if you’re headed there. So here are some sites to help you get started:
Moi’s Home Page
Moi on mySpace
Daley Hake’s Blog



  1. u Guys rock Us youth group at exciting emmanuel el paso texas thank u guys for coming and sharing with us
    stay cool

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