summer slump?

Onthelotfirsresults One of the newest summer shows on Fox is "On the Lot" created by Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg. It’s seems like a mix between the Apprentice and American Idol. Same intense music and lighting, just without the Donald. The judges are Carrie Fischer, who was princess Lea (sorry, star wars people. I probably spelled that wrong), Gary Marshall, who has produced movies like Pretty Woman, and Brett Ratner who has done such movies like X-men: the Last Stand.

It’s actually amazing how much these guys can create in the little time they have. So, if you’re bored of re-runs, this show might be worth a shot.



  1. I love that show except that the host drags out the result show SO much. I’m used to Ryan Seacrest doing that. But she’s so awkward. I’d rather see a replay of some more of the films than have her take FOREVER on every contestant’s result.
    OK.. now that that’s out of my system… I love the show.

  2. My son is loving this show! He wants to be a director (or an architect, or a chemist) when he grows up. (Hey, he’s only 15, he has a little time to decide!) His favorite so far is Marty Martin.
    I don’t think Carrie Fisher should be a judge…she uses the word “really” really alot. Sometimes twice right together. That’s really really too much for me.

  3. Great! After my recent post about televisions shows I am more than likely going to have to go check this one out too.
    I have heard good things about this though.

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