Finders Keepers…

Fat_wallet When we were in San Luis Obispo this last weekend Jacinda and I came up on a wallet lying on the sidewalk. We picked it up, asked around to the people in the area and even looked in a couple shops to see if we could find the guy whose freshmen high school ID it matched. No luck. I felt weird about it, but there weren’t any clues in the wallet to help us. All there was an ID like I said and high school is out here. There were a couple of business cards, but not to anyone whose name matched his or that looked like they could help. We carried it around for the next couple hours in hopes we would see someone, but nothing. The only thing of value in the wallet was $8 and 5 Starbucks cards.

As we were driving home, we decided to stop at Starbucks (with our new "gift" cards) and get some coffee for the drive home. I’ve said it before, but I don’t drink coffee, especially Starbucks. It always tastes so bitter and burnt to me, so I will usually either by an Ethos water or get a Vanilla Bean Frap which has no caffeine in it. bummer. I decided to go for a Java Chip Frappacino with Mint. How’s that for disguising the taste of coffee?! I hand one of the gift cards to the girl and tell her, I have no idea how much is on here. Jacinda and I laugh. The SBUX girl makes a comment about the cards and Jacinda and I laugh again. We go through 2 cards just to pay our $6 bill.

I went to SBUX this morning to grab a drink and some breakfast, went through the remaining 3 cards and still had to pay $1.10. It was fun while it lasted.


One comment

  1. I’m broke my wife into Sbux with the Vanilla Bean Frap. Then into ‘coffee’ with an Iced Marble Mocha Machiato (disguises the espresso the best.) I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but now we both get something while I’m hitting up the Sbux.

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