Check Yo-Self

Mirror Here’s your "Monday Morning Check-Up" from Brennan Manning. This hit me right between the eyes.

"To discern where you really are with the Lord, recall what has saddened you recently. Was it the realization that you don’t love Jesus enough? That you do not seek his face in prayer often enough? That you can’t honestly say that the greatest thing that ever happened in your life is that Jesus came to you and you heard his voice? That you do not regard finding Jesus as your supreme happiness? That you have denied his last commandment by not loving his people enough?

Or have you been saddened and depressed over a lack of human respect, criticism from an authority figure, financial problems, lack of friends, your bulging waistline?

On the other hand, what has gladdened you recently? Reflection on your election to the Christian community? The joy of praying, "Abba, I belong to you"? The afternoon you stole away with the gospel as your only companion? The thrilling awareness that God loves you unconditionally just as you are and not as you should be? A small victory over selfishness? Or were the sources of your gladness and joy a new car, a Brooks Brothers suit, a movie and a pizza, a trip to Paris or Peoria? Are you worshipping idols?" –Brennan Manning

Let’s see, the reason for my sadness this weekend…the DVD rental skipping in my 7-year old DVD player and the fact that I can’t afford a new MacBook Pro.

My reasons for gladness this weekend…renting a movie and eating pizza (got me on that one to a T), my new BBQ arrived and the new Apple Store opening.

How sad is that? One source of joy though, was that my 10 month old got dedicated at church on Sunday. That was cool, for all the right reasons. Now, I need to rest in fact that like Isaiah says, "there is no one righteous, not even one" and that I need God to change my heart. We’re not going to naturally long and hope and be saddened by those things. We need the Lord to come and change us. This is not a moment where I choose to be different, it a moment that God has allowed me to see my dependence on Him.


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  1. Thanks, I will consider myself checked. Only problem is that tomorrow will be the same thing. It’s kind of embarrassing that I can’t control what saddens and gladdens me better.

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