Dream…more like a nightmare

Hall1 Last night I had one of those dreams that just makes you wake up exhausted, but I rarely remember my dreams, and even now as I’m typing, I’m having trouble remembering.

All I know is that my wife went out of town or something. I wasn’t in my current house or even a house that I know. I walked my daughter to school, which looked like Oxford for 5 year olds. I dropped her off and went home. She forgot her backpack or something and I had to find it and get it to her at school. Well, it became impossible for me to get the backpack and get back to school. People were asking me to do things, people kept stopping by the house, and next thing I know, it’s like 6:30 and I was supposed to pick her up at 4. I didn’t have a car for some reason and I couldn’t get all the other "things" out fast enough, so that I could leave. I remember even at one point there was a lady who used to be a client from an old job there and I caught myself talking to her instead of getting to my daughter’s school. I remember continually looking down at my watch and it getting later and later, but other things kept interrupting me.

A good friend of mine has been seeing a counselor/psychiatrist and they delve deep into his dreams. It’s really cool what kinds of things you can learn about yourself by analyzing your sub-conscious. So, he taught me to pay attention to what is going on.

One thing I really remember about the dream was that my house was really nice, I had a huge TV, and the whole living room/kitchen area was something to dream about (no pun intended). After thinking about all of the details I really think the moral of the story was that I have a tendency to put my energy, passion, money and focus on the wrong things. It’s been a realization that I’m constantly learning. I don’t think I’m a bad dad or anything, I just let other things in life overwhelm and influence my mood more than they should. Gotta keep cutting all those things out… Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight.



  1. I can relate. I used to dream that I would carry my kid’s in a store in their carseat. Pay for everything.Then I would leave them at the checkout counter and drive away. I could never get back to them for some reason or another! I think you are right. We are so stressed with time constraints and stuff that it affects our confidence in ourselves and our parenting.

  2. oooh i like. looks like someone’s been neglecting his anima a little bit. the key to the dream is the woman. you NEED to stop and talk to her. the kids, the upscale school and house are getting in her way.

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