Melania’s Funny Face

So, last night we were sitting at the dinner table and I was trying to keep my daughter entertained between bites of baby food by Jacinda. My oldest, Kiara, and I were making funny faces and just laughing. Then Melania makes this face where her whole face tenses up and she flexes her arms really hard. I know what all you moms and dads are thinking…it’s not "that" face.

This is my first attempt at uploading a video to YouTube, so I’ll have to mess around with quality and stuff. If any of you constant video posters can help I’d appreciate it. I took the video with my Canon SD900 Powershot, but the video size was too big (140MB) for youTube, so I put it in iMovie and then "shared" it as a .mov file onto my desktop. any suggestions? Los, yours always looks pretty clear… I shot the video in 1024 res. originally.


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